Chef Made Meal Delivery to Your Home

Ordering Options and How To Place Them

We deliver twice a week, Mondays and Thursdays.  We have three ordering options. 

Mondays are a good day to begin your weekday meal delivery schedule and we suggest Cold-Pressed juices, fresh produce, baked goods and three full dinner meals with a few additional sides for lunches or snacks if you eat at home during the days. 

Thursdays we suggest Cold-Pressed juices, two full dinner meals, heavier on the sides for the weekends and also a great time for adding a sweet treat! We find that most of us are out and about on the weekend and the Thursday lighter "refill delivery" is ideal. 

1) Chef Selected Weekly Orders 

This is a perfectly simple option for Foodies that enjoy all foods and trying new dishes!  A circulating weekly order will be packed up and sent your way. 

To get started please fill out the Contact Us page below as Follows: 

"Attention: Weekly Chef Selected Order" in the Message space. 

Please allow 24hrs for us to respond.  You will be asked to provide specifics about family size, quantities, applicable budget and delivery days, etc. 

We promptly design and will communicate a personalized delivery order plan to best fit your needs.

2) Personalized Standing Orders 

Placing your Personalized Weekly Standing Order makes things easy and assures that you get exactly what you have in mind each week. 

Standing Orders are ongoing and can be changed Up-to the day of delivery. 

To get started please fill out the Contact Us page below as Follows: 

"Attention: Weekly Standing Order" in the Message space. 

Your email will be answered within 24hrs and will include instructions on how to get your first order placed, as well as how to make changes.  We will also assist you with how to order 'appropriate quantities' for your family size.

3) Personalized Orders

These are made directly online each week from our "Shop" page.  

You will receive your order at the closest next scheduled delivery date. Orders will need to be placed 48hrs in advance and a $10 delivery fee applies.

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