We Welcome You All. . .

to Project Sustainable. Your Carbon Footprint is the number of greenhouse gases that are emitted in the air because of your activities. One of our goals is to practice a plastic-free lifestyle and to help teach our children this way of life. Our Organic Kitchen and Mercantile is happy to be Green and makes a promise to continue researching and contributing to sustainability. All foods are carefully packaged in 100% compostable containers made from only renewable resources, such as Sugar Cane & Ingeo plant based Bioplastic. We support foragers and artisans, that are able to provide us with local Organic, non-GMO and sustainable products with an ecological carbon footprint. We also compost all of our scraps, recycle and clean with chemical-free cleaners and essential oils!

Project Sustainable Kitchen Supporting Local Farms & Artisans: Boynton Beach-Gulf Stream-Lantana-Ocean Ridge-Highland Beach-Delray Beach-Boca Raton-Palm Beach-South Palm Beach-Manalapan- Florida